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While Schnoodles come in all sizes, our Schnoodles are just the right size to fit in your lap. That goes for his toys too! He will shock you at times because he’s so smart and catches on so well. TOY SCHNOODLE Dog Crate Sizes • If you are looking to have a Schnoodle in a small space, like an apartment, it is by far best to get a small one. They have been around at least since the 15th century because one is featured in a painting from that era. This is Jasper and Zoey...both are a Miniature Size. Parents of these litters are usually miniature or toy poodles and miniature schnauzers. Toy Schnoodles are typically 6-10 pounds and 10-12 inches high. He will fill your life and lap with love and laughter. Pot-luck is basically what you get but most likely, any of them will have at least a tad of their parents’ less than desirable traits. There are certain health conditions your Schnoodle may be predestined to potentially get. Since our Schnoodles are created by breeding a Toy Poodle with a Miniature Schnauzer, they average 15 pounds and 9 to 13 inches high (at the shoulder) when full grown. The Schnoodle gets depressed when his grooming is not kept up. Your dog’s frequency and amount of food requirements will change as he grows so be sure to find out when to change them. If you opt for a larger variation, you’ll want to have a backyard or room outdoors to get his overflowing energy out regularly. On the downside, Schnauzers can be a little too independent and are apt to give chase to darn near anything that moves because deep down, they will always be ratters. Only two people may visit at a time. We have Four sizes of Teddy Bear Schnoodles; extra small under 12 lbs, Small 12-18 pounds, Medium 30-45lbs and Large 50 lbs and over. Their smaller size means Toy Poodles take up less room than other Poodle sizes. Standards are anywhere from 15 to 26 inches high and weigh in between 20 to 75 pounds. they will be smaller than the normal schoodle size as they are both toy size. Filed Under: blog, Hypoallergenic Mini Schnoodle Puppies for Sale, Mini Schnoodle, naomi, Zechariah Tagged With: Naomi's October 2020 Litter August 29, 2020 By schnoodle Phoebe’s August 2020 Litter Schnoodles come in different sizes: Teacup, Toy, Mini, and Standard. When considering the Schnoodie, it is wise to predetermine what size you are interested in. Other names of endearment and other spellings for this dog are Snoodle and Snoodie. Weigh can be anywhere from 17-35 pounds. Toy Schnoodles are typically 6-10 pounds and 10-12 inches high. In severe cases, surgery may be required. Schnoodle Temperament and Personality. Prices are subject to change! Patellar luxation is another joint problem. Similar to ancestor breeds, Schnoodle come in different sizes: Toy Schnoodle size – Up to 30 cm in height and 5 kg in weight; Miniature Schnoodle size – Up to 38 cm in height and 9 kg in weight; Standard Schnoodle Size – Up to 66 cm in height and 34 kg in weight; … The Schnoodle is a smart dog who has a myriad of awesome qualities which was the exact reason for breeding the Schnauzer and the Poodle. Temperament is affected partly by inheritance and partly by environment, so it can be variable. Schnoodles can also. They are intelligent, obedient, loving, devoted, active and protective. If you wondered why there is such a wide variation is Schnoodle sizes, now you know. You could say this is a well-rounded breed that will fill any position available! Give him goodies and lots of love when he cooperates but be prepared to jump in if he doesn’t ace the lesson. This characteristic makes them a good choice as a watch dog or guard dog. They may bark at a stranger non-stop so it is recommended to tend to that matter by training him not to do so while he is still a young pup. The Miniature Schnoodle is most common at 11-16 lbs (5-7 kg). TOY SCHNOODLE; Height at the shoulder: 20-30 cm (8-12 in) Weight: 3-6 kg (6-13 lb) MINIATURE SCHNOODLE; Height at the shoulder: 30-40 cm (12-16 in) Weight: 6-12 kg (13-26 lb) MEDIUM SCHNOODLE; Height at the shoulder: 40-51 cm (16-20 in) Weight: 12-20 kg (26-44 lb) STANDARD SCHNOODLE Bred to be a companion dog, he's proven that he can do well in agility and as a therapy dog. They get that from their heritage on the Schnauzer side. This is a video clip of Hazel's litter of Toy Schnoodle pups at 4 weeks old. Training your Schnoodle should begin as early in puppyhood as possible. Dog Crates • It can resemble an Ewok from Star Wars, a bear cub or a cute stuffed … ← Older Post Treats and praise go a long way too. We breed 4 sizes of Schnoodle. Toy and Teacup sizes 4-5lbs grown. What about his grooming requirements? The different Schnoodle varieties are listed below with their expected grown-up sizes. His size will largely depend on the size of the parent breeds. This designer pooch has a significant variance in terms of size, which is attributed to the fact that both its parent breeds come in multiple sizes. The Schnoodle ranges in size from small to large, depending on the size of the . Daddy is a purebred Toy Poodle. Depending on the size of Poodle and Schnauzer bred, your Schnoodle can weigh anywhere from 10 to 60 pounds (Schnauzer come in Miniature, Standard, and Giant, while Poodles come in Toy, Miniature, and Standard sizes). Keep your Schnoodle mentally active with brain games and physical games that challenge him mentally. Hybrids of all generations are intelligent and wary of strangers. Poodles are highly trainable so they make excellent watchdogs. This dog breed is relatively new on the scene although some believe the breeding of Schnauzer and Poodle actually dates back decades to England where Truffle dogs were created to hunt truffles. As a mixed breed, this adorable pooch has two purebred parents- the Schnauzer and the Poodle. This hybrid breed fills the role of many types of dog – lap dog, family dog, therapy dog and show stopper. F1 Molly is a Chocolate Sable. Schnoodles are also are quite intelligent. The plan backfires on many crosses though and they are sitting ducks for the woes on both ends of the spectrum. Progressive retinal atrophy is one such ailment seen in Schnoodles. This breed is at a fairly high risk of acquiring it. There has been a new twist added recently though with the Giant Schnauzer being bred with the Standard Poodle. A Schnoodle is sometimes subclassified as a Giant Schnoodle, Standard Schnoodle, Miniature Schnoodle, or Toy Schnoodle. On the downside, you will need to tend to their hypoallergenic, non-shedding hair needs on a regular basis. Toy Schnoodles are generally around 10-12 inches tall and 6-10 pounds in weight. If your dog seems to have trouble getting around or is in pain, consult his vet. Covid 19 Rules for puppy visitation and pick up. He was a ratter, a guard dog, and often times, a companion dog. Our TEACUP AND TOY SIZED FEMALES will be bred to our TOY POODLES and Vice Versa to produce a variety of colours and small sized SCHNOODLES. Pros. Feel free to browse hundreds of active classified puppy for sale listings, from dog breeders in Pa and the surrounding areas. They are quick, energetic, and can master all the moves if you work with them and make it fun. However, there is no single standard for their sizes, and it often depends on what type of Schnoodles you have: Standards have a height of 15 to 26 inches and weigh about 20 to 75 pounds Miniatures have a height of 12 to 15 inches and weigh about 13 to 20 pounds Toy Schnoodles have a height of 10 to 12 inches and weigh about 6 to 10 pounds With a wide range of sizes available, Schnoodles come is small, medium and larger sizes. 9 - 10 inches at shoulders Small Miniature Schnoodles Weight 12 - 15 lbs Height 10 - 14 inches at the shoulders Miniature Schnoodles Weight 16 -20 lbs For preventative measures, try to refrain him from jumping down from high places or overusing his hip joints. The needs of a Schnoodle where his feeding is concerned are specialized. He’ll keep you endlessly entertained with his comical antics. It can be extremely frightening for your dog and yourself. It is sometimes referred to as a “trick knee” or “floating patella”. No matter which size you get in this designer dog breed, you will need to be committed to walking him. With strong German roots, the Poodle is known for his extreme intelligence and is said to be the second smartest breed in existence. This condition is a genetic disease that can appear in dogs and sometimes in cats too. About Us. The height of the Toy Poodles is up to 10″. The Giant Schnoodles are the naughtiest to be quite rash with dogs that they feel are intruding on their space which is the Schnauzer heritage shining through. Poodle sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle size. Not only i… Find toy Schnoodle puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Most Schnoodles have floppy ears to complete their Teddy bear look. He will quickly take charge if allowed to and he will not be a very good dog if he does so. The condition involves the hip slipping out of the joint and is caused by a deformity or environmental issues. If he’s around people, though, he’s the life of the party. Do you have small children or other pets in the family? This hybrid has a lot of energy to release and if he’s not doing so constructively, he’ll do it destructively. This dog is not recognized in the American Kennel Club because he is a hybrid of two different purebred parents. Small and large size Schnoodles may very well have different personalities entirely. The Schnoodle is cheerful and intelligent. The average size for a Miniature Schnoodle is between 14 to 16 inches and 15 to 25 pounds. Most Schnoodies are active, especially when they are puppies. Toy Schnoodle (a Toy Poodle crossed with a Miniature Schnauzer) may reach 10-14 inches tall and 4-10 pounds. * Links for crate sizes will bring you to the most appropriate Amazon page. This little dog is oozing with it. The Schnoodle is a mixed or cross breed, the offspring of a Poodle and a Schnauzer. The Schnoodle ranges from around 6 to 76 pounds and can be anywhere from 10 to 26 inches in height. While all crossbred dogs do inherit the health risks from both sides, the goal of designing a dog was originally to water down the strong genes that leave purebreds vulnerable to certain diseases and conditions. But, unleashed and unguided, these positive qualities can quickly become out of control and you’ll have one naughty dog on your hands. 29-sep-2017 - Allie Is A Doggoholic descrubrió este Pin. Giant Schnoodle Basics. • We want the same blocky, teddy bear look as we get in our Goldendoodles, so we choose our parents carefully for that winning combination that will give us those square heads and short little noses. The majority of Schnoodles are 20 pounds or under in weight. Size : Small : Large Medium : Weight : Male: 6-9 pounds (3-4 kg) 20-75 pounds (9-34 kg) Avg.
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